Steel seismic expansion joint in construction and real estate

Steel Seismic Expansion Joint In Construction
  • Seller Nanjing MEISHUO Building Materials Co., Ltd.
  • Min. Order 300 Meter/Meters
  • FOB Price US $10.83-38.79 /Meter

Item Details

Port: Shanghai
Supply Ability: 10000 Meter/Meters per Month
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

Product Description

• Product Model: MSDSZ

• Applictaion: Floor to Floor
• Joint Width: 100-300mm
• Movement: +/-50%
• Optional: Fire Barrier

• High load bearing systems rated for vehicular traffic

• Designed for seismic conditions

• The combined use of centerbars and compression spring components correctly repositions the pan after seismic movement

• Ideal for carpet areas where slim sightlines on larger joints are required for aesthetic reasons

• Floor-to-Wall applications only

Deep pan ideal for floor finishes with increased depths such as marble, granite, limestone and paver systems

• Hinged pan rides up the canted frame under seismic movement then returns to position to maintain egress routes

• System provides for unlimited lateral movement

• Pan profile provides a vertical surface to abut tile against, eliminating the need to bevel flooring edges

• Symmetrical reveals align Floor-to-Floor and Floor-to-Wall applications

• Narrow visual sightlines minimize aesthetic disruption to your space

• Use sealant that matches the adjacent floor finish to further conceal the sightline reveals

• Aluminum anodized finish

Aluminium profiles are supplied in mill finish. On request profiles can be supplied with in clear anodized finish or black anodised finish at additional cost. They should be specified with 8-12μm clear anodised finish.

1. Prepare the blockout.
2. Mark the anchor locations on the base members. Drill the anchor holes into the base members at the marked locations.
3. Place the base members into their installed position. Use the base members as templates to mark the locations for the anchors on the concrete.
4. Remove the base members from their installed positions. Drill the anchor holes into the concrete at
the marked locations.
5. Place the base members back into their installed positions. Affix the joint system base members
into the blockout using the fasteners provided by the factory.
6. Insert the centering bar pins into the base member channels.
7. Slide the centering bars into position
8. Place the cover pan onto the base members in its installed position.
9. Affix the cover pan to the centering bars using the bolts provided.
Install the floor finish around the joint cover system and into the cover pan.
11. Insert the elastomeric seals’ tabs into their respective base member and cover pan channels.

Establish an inspection schedule for the expansion joint covers. Clean damp contaminants away by wiping with a clean cloth. Clean elastomeric face seals using clean cloths, warm water and a gentle detergent (mild dishwashing detergents are acceptable). To remove tough stains, use alcohol or acetone and clean cloths.

Founded in 2000, Meishuo is an architectural line of floor, wall, ceiling, and roof expansion joint systems meeting aesthetic and structural demands of airports, hospitals, shopping malls, metro station and other building types.

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